NYC plan

Hey all! thank you so much for supporting the site. I got blogging app for my phone and hopefully I'll be more regular in my communication.Some of you follow me on Instagram and Twitter so I will post some exclusive photos on here if  the app works out. Please excuse any typos - I'm talking this blog into the phone. I don't like typing especially on a little bitty keyboard. I'll be in NYC and have several cool events and will see if I can sneak some news & videos on here. Your comments and likes will help me know blogging is worth it. 

That's been my time!

That's been my time!

SF View

I took this selfie today because I wanted to show off my new Hawaiian vintage shirt. It wasn't until much later when looking at my work that I noticed in the background behind me a homeless person. I wonder if he was thinking "what an asshole" Because you have to be a little bit of an asshole to take a selfie.