Correction: Parties are good

Went to another party tonight and ruled!!! I knew half the people there and we all had a shared experience a few years ago. And yes they were theater people. What I learned since yesterday's post is theater people are good at parties. I also arm wrestled twice and lost. Not a typical theater party activity - but everyone at the party gathered round to watch like I was Idina Menzel.  The world felt wonderful and then it got aggravating again. There was someone on the bus I have some low level drama with. Then walking to my place some big dog off leash snarled and comes at me.The dog's chick doesn't look up or acknowledge this in any way. I passed her and said "you could say sorry." It happens. Dogs get spooked but it's scary for the person who walks into it. A little humanity would help. I'm aloha spirit again but from now on I will demand apologies from inconsiderate dog owners

For Wallflowers Only

Do I have social anxiety or are parties just esteem traps. House parties are the deadliest  because the party happens in different rooms. You have to make several entrances. Everyone looks at you as you enter or worse they don't stop talking.  I feel i should not just stand there while they talk - they can see me - it is expected that the stranger say a few words. Maybe too many words because - one by one guests leave for another room. Now it's just me and two remaining people edging to the hallway not, contributing much to the party talk,  forcing me to call upon my monologist skill to keep things peppy. Then I am alone in the room looking through a large coffee table book about New Kids On The Block.  Not sure how many house parties I have left in me. 

But invite me anyway.