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Story Telling Event for La Cocina




Swedish American Hall  - 2174 Market Street  
San Francisco, CA



F&B: Voices from the Kitchen is a storytelling project from La Cocina that seeks to share the voices and stories from the cooks and kitchens that are less often heard. The event is a twice-yearly performance that revolves around (and includes) food and drink on a singular topic or theme. This time around, we're taking a closer look at LABOR and what that means in relation to food. Storytellers include James Beard award-winning chef and author Gabrielle Hamilton, Jonathan Kauffman, Anthony Lucero, Marga Gomez, Jessica Battilana, Scott Hocker, Stephen Satterfield, Alexis Madrigal, Dilsa Lugo & La Cocina's Executive Dishwasher, Caleb Zigas. For the full details on our line-up, click here. Come empty and ready to be filled. 21 and over